Photography is highly regarded when it comes to preserving information and critical artifacts. Photography portfolios passed on to our generation go a long way in helping us understand the past with clarity – including the evolution of casinos. A good number of casinos like redbet are relatively new. However, some established casinos have been in existence for a very long time. Hobbyist photos gathered over the years show some of the grandest casino photos that remain standing.

The casino empire

The Empire casino rarely holds back in terms of quality. This casino shares the same building with the historic Empire cinema, which has hosted many films over the years. Photos taken in the 1880’s confirm that nothing much has happened to the building housing the casino but the casino has since been modernized to address the interests of modern-day casino gamers.

The Casino Club – Located in Port Talbot Wales

Sadly, this iconic casino is no longer in existence. From photos collected over the years, it is clear that this gaming attraction featured a variety of casino table games, dancing, music, and all sorts of entertainment activities. Being on the seaside, this casino was often likened to the Monte Carlo.

Crockford’s club – London

The Crockford’s club boasts of an incredible history as one of the most elegant casinos in the world at that time. As some point, this casino was the pinnacle of land-based casino sites. It was designed to be an exclusive casino, which could only allow a limited number of guests at any given time.

In a nutshell, the UK is home to one of the oldest and most iconic casinos in the world. You do not have to visit these historical attractions, some of which no longer exist, to know what it feels like to be in a historical setting. Thanks to detailed hobbyist photography, you can now appreciate the heritage offered by some of the oldest casinos in the UK.